Welcoming Joe Biden

(By: Boni Hargens, Ph.D Alumnus from Walden University, Minneapolis, MN, United States)

Reflecting on the results of the Electoral Votes (EV) acquisition today (4/11), and based on the provisions of the Electoral College (EC) under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, we are welcoming Mr. Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. The shift of such the political pendulum must, however, change the character of both American domestic politics and foreign policy.

My very assumption is that China could be a little nervous of it because craving President Trump as the winner should be a potential9 chance for the globally economic hegemony of China since President Trump has been obviously quite weak against China in the current trade war amongst China and the US. However, Indonesia per se, to be honest, should be feeling relieved because Biden’s laurel provides an opportunity to end the trade war that had been badly affecting the Indonesian and regional economies over the last few years.

However, one thing needs to be a considerable reflection is that Biden’s relatively socialist background could have an impact on some domestic issues in many countries, including Indonesia. To that end, the Indonesian government needs to proactively welcome Mr. Biden with joy and prepare a staunch cooperation proposal based on a mutual commitment to maintain harmony in bilateral relations and the domestic political stability of the two countries as well.

At least, with such a strong bilateral cooperation commitment, Indonesia under the President Jokowi Administration can get support from the US government to forestall the ‘internationalization’ of Papuan independence movement which for long time has been the political agenda of libertarians in the world, including in the US—those who happen to be heavily affiliated to the Democratic Party. Above all, I proudly congratulate Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (Joe Biden) as the New President of the United States of America!

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